Hatchlings Game Jam 2022

July 15-17 | Des Moines, IA


Gear up for the annual Hatchlings Game Jam! Are you a  developer, designer, or other creative in the DSM area? Then seize this opportunity to collaborate, network, and build something memorable with us!

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Create Games

You have 36 hours, over one weekend, to design and build a game. All types of games, digital and non-digital, are allowed.

Meet People

Invite your friends to jam with you, or team up with other people at the event. Even if you prefer to work solo, you’ll meet cool people.

Grow Skills

Challenging yourself, pushing your creativity and make something amazing, all in a environment dedicated to creating!

Eat Pizza

Don’t worry about anything besides jamming. We’ll provide space to work plus meals and snacks during the event.


Start: July 15 – Doors 6PM, Kickoff 7PM
End: June 17 at 12PM
More Schedule TBA



Gravitate Coworking
500 Locust Street
Des Moines, IA 50309


With Covid-19 cases surging throughout the country, we are doing our best to ensure that everyone has a safe and fun experience at the Hatchilngs Game Jam! To that end, we ask that you please join us in observing these safety guidelines as you participate:

-When you arrive, please present proof of Covid-19 vaccination, as well as negative Covid-19 test results no older than 24 hours. We will have at-home rapid test kits on hand for your convenience, in case you’re unable to complete a test before the jam.

-Masks are to be worn in common areas at all times. N95 masks will be made available to all who need them.

-Hygienic aids such as hand sanitizer, sanitizing spray and wipes, and nitrile gloves will be available throughout the jam.

We thank you for helping us keep all our jammers safe and healthy, and look forward to seeing you at the Hatchlings Game Jam!

What is a game jam?

A game jam is a gathering of people for the purpose of planning, designing, and executing a video game within a specified window of time. Every game jam is unique, but for this event you’re welcome to work how you’d like—by yourself, with a team you assemble ahead of time, or with a team of people you meet at the event!

About Hatchlings

Hatchlings is a social gaming company founded by Brad Dwyer in 2008. Hatchlings has accumulated millions of users worldwide in the largest ever online easter egg hunt. In the span of a decade, it has grown from a weekend project into Hatchlings, Inc., backed by a growing team and expanding into new technologies, including augmented reality, machine learning, and more!


Register for HatchJam 2022

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Who can participate in the Hatchlings Game Jam?
Anyone over the age of 18 may participate in Hatchlings Game Jam. While this event is a great opportunity for professional developers and designers, participants do not need to have any professional experience in gaming or related industries to participate. All are welcome.
What skills do I need in order to participate?
There is no skillset or previous experience required to participate.
Does it cost anything to participate?
No, participation is free.
Can I participate remotely?
No. Sorry, you must be present at the event location to participate.
Is this a competition? Are there prizes?

No, not this year. The ultimate goal of this event is to get creative minds together in an environment that encourages cooperation and fosters new, beneficial relationships.

What is the official hashtag of Hatchlings Game Jam?

#HatchJam2022 or #HatchJam

Does this event have a theme? What is it?
A theme will be announced in the coming weeks before the game jam! We encourage participants to create what they are passionate about, regardless of theme.
Can my friends and I participate in Hatchlings Game Jam as a team?
Yes, we encourage teamwork and collaboration. If you do not participate as part of a team, you will have an opportunity at the start of the event to form a team with other participants.

Each individual member of a team will need to register for the event on their own.

I prefer to fly solo. Can I participate as an individual?
Yes, individual submissions are allowed as well.
Who owns the intellectual property of games created at the Hatchlings Game Jam?
Hatchlings, Inc. retains no intellectual property rights for games created at Hatchlings Game Jam. All games created at this event will be considered the intellectual property of their creators.
Can I create a non-digital game as my submission for the event?
Yes. Card, board and other varieties of tabletop games are valid submissions.
How can I make my game accessible to those with disabilities?
For more information on video game accessibility, read through these resources from the Library of Congress: Video Game Accessibility
I have questions that weren’t covered here. Who do I get in touch with?
If you still have questions or want to get in touch with us, send a message using the contact form below.


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